we headed to Nashville this past weekend for a friend’s birthday, and i’m just now getting around to posting about it. if you have never been to this great city,  cowboy hats, country music, and mechanical bulls probably come to mind…but there are so many other great things about this city!

the food…

you have to try the tacos at SATCO. they have two locations…it’s a must!

another must…it’s a bit of a drive…but completely worth it. where else can you get….

amazing bbq and eggs…yes, it is worth the 2 hour wait.

now to the important part–shopping. i have still been in my vintage shopping mood, so i researched a few places before i went.

silk shirt

i love the print within the fabric and the knot

i have been searching for some great skinny belts. these all came from Venus &  Mars…which i was so impressed with. the charming, old house divided into mini-showrooms within each room. if i had not been with 3 boys, i would have definitely found more!

i loved this sweater and skirt together from the Clothing Exchange, but i have to majorly alter this $8.00 skirt…will post when it’s complete.

which brings me to a great point about vintage shopping: look at fabrics and prints, not necessarily style. sometimes after you put a piece on, it can look wonderful–and if too long, too big, etc….it can always be altered.


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