sin city

after being delayed 2 hours last night, i finally arrived to Las Vegas around 1:00am local time (4:00am my time). all i wanted to do was get to The Hotel (yes, that is the name) and sleep. much to my surprise when i checked in, they upgraded me–this never happens!

i headed upstairs trucking along…made it all the way down to the last room on the hall…and was in shock:

living room

full bar

sitting area in the bedroom

bed (messy sorry)


view from the 62nd floor


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5 responses to “sin city

  1. phyl

    Sooo Great!!! Love it!!

  2. Ummmm seriously??that is freaking amazing! Too bad I wasn’t there to enjoy it with you.

  3. Lecy Sebastiani


  4. Joshua Cole Lewis

    And what a beautiful room it is.

  5. Sarah

    Ah-mazing! I love it. What a nice little retreat after the crazy days that I know you’re working out there. Enjoy!

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