is the doom and gloom over?

i was a little nervous heading out to the apparel shows in Vegas last week. the previous shows, in February, were the most frightening thing i have seen in this economy yet. shrunken booth sizes made for much smaller shows, and there were hardly any new lines because who in their right mind would actually start a company in these times?  and trying to find a good store walking around was like trying to find Monolo’s on sale for less than $300.

walking into Magic, just by looking at at the show floor, i could tell a huge difference from February. more booths, more people!

at Project, there was an energy that i had not felt at a show in a very long time–even the last day.

and Pool, which is a smaller show of indie and start-up lines, was packed all 3 times i stopped by! right up until the last hour.

in conclusion, i am super optimistic for the apparel industry as a whole for 2011, and i hope that i am right…so shop on!

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