date night at home

lately, i feel like all i’ve done is eat out…whether it’s with friends, traveling, or for work. since cooking is my therapy and has been missing, i was so excited tonight that i finally was able to come home and cook. i’m usually in the mood to try new recipes, but tonight i didn’t want to think. the first recipe that came to mind was Giada’s ravioli with balsamic brown butter (note: you do not have to use real butter-i use smart balance). sometimes, i thrown in broccoli, but tonight i just baked a chicken breast for a little protein.

this is the most simple, delicious recipe that i turn to when i want something quick and easy: you cannot mess this up!

wonderful date in the comfort of pj’s.


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2 responses to “date night at home

  1. Lauren

    I just tried this recipe last night and couldn’t have been more pleased!!! It didnt take long to cook, had amazing flavor and was still light! Love it!

  2. Jessica Bertram

    Kendall–I am obsessed with Giada! She has the best recipes, and I’ve been a fan of the ravioli too!! I have one of her cookbooks and love finding inspiration there and on her website!!

    p.s. love the blog…. =)

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