nyc: food

it might surprise some people that my favorite part of visiting New York is not the great vintage stores, the entire floor at Barney’s dedicated to their co-op, or even these amazing little boutiques that the designer is literally sewing new pieces in the back room.

it is absolutely the eating. from the atmospheres to the open air windows to literally the best meals i’ve ever had. and even through this trip was a short one, i definitely snuck in some of my favorites:

up first: Peep. about six months ago, i was walking around SoHo and had one of my “if i don’t eat now i’m going to kill someone” moments. not wanting to waste ruining my meal somewhere mediocre, i pulled out my phone and went to Urbanspoon to tell me the nearest and best place.

don’t be scared by the “club-like” decor (note: the reason why there are not many people is because they had just opened their doors for the day)

the chicken and shrimp dumplings are heavenly

the best Pad Thai i have EVER had–and i do not use that lightly.

next up: Pink Berry. most of you have either heard of or had this or had something like it. but honestly, there is nothing like it. it is simply the best frozen yogurt ever. (note: Atlanta has one now, unfortunately it is OTP)

you cannot miss their storefonts

just delicious.

and lastly, Mercer Kitchen. a friend of ours who used to live in the city suggested this for one of my first New York trips, and i still cannot get enough. being a Jean-Georges restaurant, you already know it’s going to be good…being in the bottom of my favorite hotel, makes it one the best.

before dinner, get a drink in the hotel lobby of the Mercer Hotel–it’s so unassuming but there is something about it that is so wonderful.

then walk downstairs to the restaurant. it is underground, so its has a speak-easy feel…but it’s always buzzing. and you cannot order a bad thing on the menu.

it’s also supposed to be a celeb hotspot…although i’ve never been so lucky 🙂



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2 responses to “nyc: food

  1. Joshua Cole Lewis

    Ugh… that all looks so wonderful. If this was not the busy time. I would go every where with you.

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