egg mcmuffin

while reading one of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere, this post caught my eye. unlike buiscuits, i had never even thought about homemade english muffins and how much better they probably tasted than store bought ones. after my first try using the Joy of Cooking recipe and failing, i used the same exact recipe from here that she used.


i just used the top of a glass to cut the dough



they puff up as you heat them on the griddle like a pancake



all finished



love the little stamp for breast cancer awareness



fried some turkey bacon



homemade egg mcmuffin



for left-overs, i love to use honey-butter




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2 responses to “egg mcmuffin

  1. Ashley

    um, YUM. Why do I only comment on the food posts…..this should tell me something…..

  2. Lauren

    Looks amazing!!! Love the honey butter addition!

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