all about the accessories

in the past week, i’ve felt very uninspired when it came to dressing. mostly because our weather here has been anything but consistent. whenever i seem to be in such a rut, i always turn to accessories and layering. anyone can take the most plain black dress (seen below) and throw something over it and some brightly colored accessories, and people won’t even be looking at the dress.

when you have an accessory like this on, it’s not about the outfit anymore: Billie International earrings. Billie is this unbelievable jewelry designer, and the sweetest person i’ve ever met! please check out her website–i fully plan on ordering them in every color.

had to get an angle that you could see them on! next accessory, Just Charmed bracelet seen here.

another way to spice up any outfit, pick out your most fun shoes. these i found at the Atlanta Boutique Warehouse sale shown in the post.

and lastly, throwing any sort of novelty jacket or sweater over such a plain dress will help your outfit immensely.

*h&m dress, missoni shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs cape, gifted Billie International earrings, Just Charmed bracelet



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2 responses to “all about the accessories

  1. phyl

    Love the Billie advertisement!! Great blog!!

  2. Sarah

    LOVE those earrings. I might have to get some!!! I like the ones like those in silver leather and the dark green leather. So perfect to spice up and all black wardrobe, yea?


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