holiday wishlist

i can’t remember the last time i wrote a list for santa. as soon as the holiday catalogs would start to show up in our mailbox (no, there was no internet), i would circle, dogear, and put notes by everything i wanted-key word: wanted, not received :). i decided it had been too long since i have made an actual list–so after scouring the internet (bc you are not very green if you still receive catalogs), here is my little moment to be selfish and make a holiday list:

1.) diana + back from urban outfitters

2.) sam edleman frankie lace up clogs

3.) nars lipgloss pack

4.) kate spade iphone cover

5.) i love lucy: the complete series

6.) any Goyard bag

7.) essentials of asian cooking

8.) marc jacobs star earrings

9.) ice cream attachment for kitchen aid mixer

10.) boutique 9 over the knee boots (no i have STILL not bought any…as seen here)

11.) zara studio dress

12) madewell oversized cardi

13.) j.crew tuxedo plaid pants

14.) the world in vogue: people, parties, places


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