reversed seasons

sometimes i just stare in my closet and literally feel like i have nothing to wear. i understand how absurd that sounds, but it’s very true…and you all know exactly what i’m talking about.

when that does happen, i go to the reverse season method (yes, i made this up). for this example, since we are in the colder weather season, “what are some more spring/summer items i can layer to make a fall outfit?”

1.) start with sandals and wear any type of tights under them

2.) find any summer cotton t-shirt, button down, blouse, etc. and layer it with a blazer, sweater, etc. (ps. i look annoyed bc our reservations are at 9pm, so i’m starving and still not convinced about that outfit yet.)

3.) then throw on any type of short over the tights. my sequins are my go-to, as seen here, but you can do cutoffs or anything. see, happy as a lark (btw–why are larks so happy…what does that even mean?)

4.) lastly, play with your pups

*Creme Fraiche blazer, Madewell chambray button-down, Poleci sequined shorts, Hue tights, i’m not sure about the brand of shoes–got them at a wholesale sale,  Anthopologie necklace, Michael Kors watch, and Ronda Smith Designs bracelets.


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