i have seen them everywhere lately: Gossip Girl, other blogs,  as gifts in cute little boxes, and after trying one from Alon’s Bakery, i was hooked. surely these things can’t be that hard to make…well…

i used this recipe–definitely allow plenty of time. this is a challenging recipe, but well worth the effort.

the basis of the recipe is ground up almonds

just like meringue, make sure the egg whites are whipped into peaks

fold in very carefully

food coloring to show flavors

don't let this happen...

raspberry and pistachio yum.

they aren’t as pretty as Alon’s–i will work on my technique for next time 😉


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3 responses to “macaroons

  1. Tes

    Oh my god! Those looks so adorable! My son will love those macaroons 🙂

  2. Lauren

    They look amazing!!!

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