sprucing it up

sometimes i find funds are depleated (especially around the holidays…obvi). but, if you’re like me, i’m in desparate need of some game-changing outfits. below, i found some things to spice up your wardrobe if you’re on a budget like me.

1.) sequined black scarf (this only works bc it’s black–please don’t get brightly colored sequins)

2.) faux fur lef warmers

3.) cape

4.) wine colored tights (great with an all black outfit)

5.) vintage looking belt

6.) fur caplet

7.) spot headband

8.) fun booties

9.) white/rainbow knit scarf

10.) gigantic bib necklace (i wasn’t sure about these at first, but they’re growing on me)



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3 responses to “sprucing it up

  1. Tracy

    Just hold off on the black/wine colored tights ensemble until after the SEC championship…could be confused with those gamecocks over in SC 😉

  2. Sarah

    You are cracking me up with your warning aganist brightly colored sequins! Someone’s got to say it, though.

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