christmas decorating

it has been so crazy recently, our poor tree has been sitting ornament-less for over a week. we were going to decorate before the weekend came, then sunday, then we had a day that we weren’t exactly in the “Christmas spirit” and felt like it wasn’t right to decorate when you have had a scrooge-like attitude. finally, we got in the Christmas spirit and our place looks very ready for Santa’s arrival.

hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course)

rudolph the red nosed reindeer is one of the best Christmas movies of all time...who doesn't like clay people?

a few of my favorite ornaments…

my christmas card tree


happy Christmas season to all!


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3 responses to “christmas decorating

  1. lecy

    This post has made me so happy! I love Christmas and of course clay people!

  2. Lecy Sebastiani

    This post made my day! I love your tree and of course clay people 🙂

  3. Phyl

    CUTE!! Just one question–Was it hard to get the tree in the elevator?

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