nye options

new years eve doesn’t have to be head-to-toe sparkle. there are so many great things out there whether you want to just spend a little or want to maybe invest in something you can wear anytime of the year.

since we will be out west skiing for the new year, i wanted to pick out my favorites to live vicariously through you all that are getting fancied up!

1.) amazing sequined shoes from Kate Spade–this isn’t just a new years investment–just tell me what you can’t wear these with in everyday life?

2.) Topshop one-shoulder top-i love this sillouette, and the faux leather trim spices it up

3.) Zara gold lame skirt–for such a great price, you can pair this with things you already have in your closet (don’t just go to black, try: navy chunky sweater or flouncy blouse, fishnets, and red shoes!)

4.) UO opaque tights–to glitter up any outfit

5.) oversized flower cuff–i just like this to accessorize any outfit

6.) BCBGeneration clutch–love this color with black, navy, brown, or grey

7.) Banana Republic faux fur trimmed gloves–if you have to be outside…at least you’ll look good

8.) Topshop sequined shorts–these could be so fun with a black, fitted blazer and tights!

9.) Zara feather necklce–i love feathers. period.

10.) UO heart headband–this is so adorable.

11.) Topshop pastel gem anklet heels–i don’t even think i need to explain why these are amazing and the finale of this post

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