Gap saves the day

every now and again, i pick an item to obsess over. when i was about 13, it was that mini, signature Coach bag. about 4 years ago, it was Gucci signature flats (the most comfortable shoes i have ever owned). then, it was the classic, quilted black Chanel shoulder bag (still waiting for that one).

recently, it’s been any pair of the classic Lavin, leather flats. when i found them for $199 at Barney’s ($300 off regular price), i thought i was in luck. then i saw the dreaded “this item is no longer in stock”.

i had to share with you my “substitutes” until i save my pennies. you can find them here on, and they have them in endless colors–such a great basic for a great price.

i wanted to show off my awesome new books i got for Christmas (thanks Ashley & Julie!)

super comfortable–and i am sure they get more-so with wear

and Cynthia is modeling this great bag you get too 🙂

but don’t you worry, this is just to hold me over until the big purchase is made.


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