healthy fajitas

well, you should have known it was coming. isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? well, even though one of my resolutions is a “healthier lifestyle”, i absolutely don’t plan to cut the taste of food because i like it way too much.

enter: healthy fajita recipe that tastes ridiculously good too. it does take time, but it’s really worth it.

let this sit for an hour if you can to soak up the flavor more

and this recipe has some of my favorite flavors all mixed in…

make sure you do the marinade, and 2 sauces correctly…but then do toppings the way you want…you don’t always have to follow the recipe perfectly.

i caramelized my onions and added a little low-fat cheese…

i think feta would have been really good now that i think about it. 🙂



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3 responses to “healthy fajitas

  1. Kendall, these look delish! Healthier lifestyle is also one of my resolutions. AND so is trying a new recipe each week, so I will definitely have to add this to the list!

  2. Michael

    Queso Fresco is the BEST “fresh” taco cheese. Trader Joe’s has a really good block of it. Try that next time!

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