fashionista fridays-sienna miller

some of you may be thinking: “why is an actress featured on fashionista fridays?”–well, sit back and learn a little more about this interesting girl. not to mention, i have a huge girl crush on her, and that’s another reason she is a part of it.

-born in NYC, she moved to London when she was just a child. she actually started as a model back in 2003 for prints for Coca-Cola, Italian Vogue, and Hugo Boss.

-we all know her on again, off again relationship with Jude Law and that she is a very good actress (if you haven’t seen Factory Girl-see it-such an amazing film).

-in comes her involvement in the fashion industry: in 2006, she began work with Pepe Jeans. in 2007, she teamed up with her sister, Savannah (a professional designer), and the company turned into Twenty8Twelve (her birthday) and is still backed by Pepe Jeans.

-Savannah does all her fittings on Sienna, and Sienna critiques. two tastes combining is what makes the line so unique. owning a few pieces myself, i’m  in love with the prints and shapes they use and always excited to see  comes down the runway (that i end up buying on Gilt).

*fun fact: Savannah made Sienna’s first fancy dress for her at only 8 years old.


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  1. lecy

    Ahhh Siena! She is wonderful and so is this blog. Bravo!

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