when outfitting, i talk about putting all these puzzle pieces together…i love layering, and mixing prints, colors, etc. heading to dinner with the girls, i was in the mood for the more basic outfit. this doesn’t have to mean “boring” because there are different ways to spice it up.

i was just really wanting to wear a top and jeans, but i didn't want it to be a "blah" outfit

your shirt is going to be the focus. i love the color, draping, and the shape of the shoulders of this one.

these were my first really nice pair of shoes-i bought them as "interview" shoes out of college. i'm still in love with them.

so a great pair of shoes with your outfit is key. it doesn't have to mean expensive-just unique.

these shoes deserve 3 pictures--look at the back of them....

the color i use on my lips is opposite on the color wheel to my earrings--then a complimentary color is the yellow. i know this sounds ridiculous, but it makes a difference!

happy outfitting!

*Poleci shirt, Zara jeans (*these are the best jeans $40 can buy–i bought them for a client recently, and she’s obsessed too!), Burberry shoes, Jackie Oh earrings, and Nars red lizard lipstick.



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4 responses to “simplicity

  1. LOOOVE that shirt!!! Great outfit Kendall!

  2. Are you long-legged, Kendall? I am, so I’m wondering if those Zara jeans would be long enough for me. Thoughts?

  3. amazing as always!!!!!

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