primary decor

as soon as 2011 hit, i declared it loft-makeover year. i’ve already re-arranged the furniture and painted a cabinet or two (pictures to come). what i really am going for is a color-lift. i’ve been living in a light blue, yellow, and brown world. the color combination is calming (i’m going to keep it in our bedroom), but i’m ready for a change.

what i am loving right now is the color wheel…basic primary colors mixed with some secondary colors. it’s contemporary but warm, and i’m so excited about the new look. it’s a lot more challenging than i thought to find exactly what i want. instant gratification being my best/worst quality, i want to just snap my fingers and have it the way i want it! nonetheless, here are some pictures that have inspired me:

*all pictures from the amazing bloggers over at Coco+Kelly


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