as i said here, i’m in home-makeover mode. although i haven’t been able to buy new pieces yet, i have spruced some things up to make me feel like i’m getting somewhere…and the only money i’ve spent is on paint! this is such an easy and cheap way to make-over the items you already have.

first up, an antique record cabinet that my grandmother all but payed me to take (and the mid 1900’s records… which i’m actually really excited about).


in it’s new home (notice the bright colors…i wasn’t messing around). isn’t this just a happy area? fun colors, liquor, city view…what else do you need?

up next, a wooden china cabinet-ish thing that i purchased for next to nothing (probably bc of the weird green color…which i didn’t realize was so bad until we moved into this loft with blue-toned walls)

and now…

i love the detail on this cabinet, and the black brings it out so much better…i cannot get over it!

miss-matched flowers in miss-matched vases….

and, the most amazing sunset out our window the other night…which always helps a room look better

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