palazzo pants

have you ever bought something, and the item has hung in your closet forever (over a year) because you just can’t figure out how/what to wear with it? well for me it is these XCVI Palazzo pants. they are on the missier side, but i bought them when i shared showroom space with them at wholesale…i was convinced i needed them bc i could make them cute one way or the other.

i finally wore them this past week, and i like what i finally did with them, and i’m glad i’ve resurrected them…bc they are the most comfortable pants i own!

any other suggestions are much appreciated on how to spice these crazy pants up.

i hadn’t done my hair/make-up for the prior pictures…but i ended up toping my head with this headband which i love..

*xcvi palazzo pants, madewell chambray top (knotted), gap ballet flats (seen here), no-name necklace, urban outfitters headband


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