amazing grace

my grandmother passed away this past week. being sick for a while now, we are comforted by the fact that she is not hurting anymore and in a much better place. so this is not a sad post–this is a happy one to honor her 🙂

as we cleaned out her house, and organized everything, some of the pictures that surfaced were so amazing. i always knew what an amazing woman she was: strong willed (like mother like daughter, like granddaughter!), kind, and went out of her way for her family and community; what i didn’t know was how truly beautiful she was.

today, i just wanted share some photos and some things i was able to take home for us to remember her.

the sign on the back of my grandparent's car on their wedding day over 60 years ago-no one had ever seen this before, so it was truly amazing.

my grandmother with my mom-how gorgeous is she?

my grandfather owned a car dealership-my grandmother, mom, and uncle. don't you love her capris?

some of the items that remind me of my grandmother the most

these are my favorite

these are some of my great-great-grandmother's (yes that's 2x) postcards-aren't they incredible?

these postcards are an example of how my great-great grandma corresponded to her friends before the turn of the century. look at those amazing hats!



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3 responses to “amazing grace

  1. Sarah

    So sorry for your loss. What amazing keepsakes those photos, postcards, and jewelry are. Such a sweet post and wonderful way to honor your grandmother.


  2. Judy Lococo

    Thanks for sharing these things about Mary Opal! It only reinforces what I already knew!

  3. BEAM

    Good post, cool stuff.

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