las vegas recap

one of the highlights of my trip was meeting one of my favorite bloggers, jane from sea of shoes who was at WWDMAGIC doing a panel for teen vogue!

she was with her mom from one of my other favorite blogs, atlantis home.

WWDMAGIC was one of the larger floor plans i’ve seen in a while…good sign for the economy!

probably my favorite show that i go to is project. it’s a juried collection, so not just anyone can show. their custom booths are amazing, so i wanted to share some of my favorites.

this lacoste booth had their models just hanging out all day playing foosball…must be nice, right?

remember the g-star fashion show i went to here?? this is there booth!

this diesel booth’s light installation was unreal…

loved this TOMS shoes display….

to be honest, i’m not sure who’s booth it is…but i liked it!

we went to one of the shows parties at the top of the mandalay hotel…the view was incredible.

we will return to fashionista fridays next week…have a great weekend!


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