across the street mexican

this isn’t a new restaurant by any means, but it was my first time (with scoutmob of course). to be honest, it’s pretty hard to impress me with a new mexican place because i have my favorites already hammered out, but this one is delish. it will now be on my rotating list.

even though their chips were not my favorite, the mojito and marg made up for it

you can taste the fresh ingredients in their tacos

their brisket was fall off the bone, and the jalapeno mac and cheese...well, it has jalap's in it-need i say more?

i love the colors in the artwork they have

the home-like feel is so cozy on the cold, rainy day we were there

and the mustached friend watching us eat was a nice suprise

i cannot wait for it to get warm to sit on their amazing patio!

* across the street mexican is in inman park/o4w right across (ha ha, get it?) from highland bakery on n. highland. it’s a great lunch place for those of you who work downtown.

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  1. Kendall, their nachos rival Jalisco’s. Not better but they at least challenge them.

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