urban picnic

this weekend was full of wonderful outdoor activities with the weather being absolutely perfect. one of my favorite outings was to the urban picnic. i love the sweet auburn market on a normal day, but when the parking lot is filled with food trucks and street vendors from all over the city, it makes it even better.

no urban picnic would be complete without king of pops

couldn’t resist the strawberry lemonade while waiting in line for yumbii

this is my first yumbii experience, and it was unreal

i gave up red meat for lent, so unfortunately i had to bypass the spicy pork, but i’m so glad bc the chicken quesadilla was so worth the long wait–and the sesame fries and chile ketchup aren’t too shabby either

btw-i advise sharing, so you can taste everything. i didn’t get to try the hotdog (= red meat), but the doggy dogg’s creations looked so tasty

everyone loved the west side creamery so much, that they ran out of everything except pints by the time we got to their truck

but between 5 of us, we devoured the salted butter caramel just fine…

the crowd was so impressive that everyone ran out of food about an hour earlier than it was suppose to end

and don’t forget to walk through the sweet auburn market–they have amazing vendors with fresh fruits, veggies, and meats everyday

you can follow all of these food vendors on twitter to find out where they are daily…

happy monday!


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3 responses to “urban picnic

  1. Ashley Gross

    Hey girl! I enjoy reading your posts each week. Quick comment to save your taste buds and stomach from deprivation… pork and anything from a big isn’t red meat. 🙂 Remember those commercials when we were kids: “Pork, the other white meat.”? Just wanted to let you know so next time you don’t have to avoid pork or bacon or anything! 🙂 Mmmmm bacon…

    • thank you! lol, i know–i went the extreme route and went with basically anything that isn’t chicken or fish (anything that’s not white before you cook it!). it’s been rough though!!

  2. MN, Sad to have missed this. Excellent recap, thank you.

    Fancey of 9SR

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