fashionista friday-karen o

the yeah yeah yeahs have been one of my favorite bands for a number of years–partly because of their upbeat electronic/rock sound, mostly because of their lead lady fashionista

-karen o was born in south korea november 1978 to a korean mom and polish father

-soon there after, they moved to jersey

-the yeah yeah yeahs formed in 2000 and have been going ever since

-not only is she known as a crazy and lively performer, she is also recognized for her on-stage fashion made by friend christian joy

-won awards such as: “sex goddess award” in 2004 & 2005, blender named her “one of rock’s hottest women”, placed #3 in’s “women who rock now”, and in 2010 won shockwaves nme award for “hottest woman of the year”

-composed all of the songs on the soundtrack for “where the wild things are”

-for those of you that have never heard of the yeah yeah yeahs–you might have heard their song “maps” on rockband

*fun fact: playboy asked her to pose on the cover, and she turned them down due to the audience they draw

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