fashionista fridays-chloe sevigny

probs one of my favorite enseblists of all time

-born in springfield, massachusetts in 1974

-soon moved to connecticut thereafter where she found her niche of second-hand dressing

-experimented with a lot of hallucinogens in high school…says she’s glad she got it out of her system bc it’s much worse to experiment as an adult

-she moved to brooklyn at 19 and was spotted by an editor for sassy magazine who was so impressed with her street style that she asked her to intern

-she has had interesting role choices such as boys don’t cry, if these walls could talk 2, and big love–i think she’s a ridiculous actress

-i won’t even go into the brown bunny controversy…inappropriate blog speak

-lives in the east village in nyc currently and has gotten back to her catholic roots after performing as a satan-worshipping teenager which scared her into going back to church

-chloe has also had a huge impact in the fashion world. my favorite being her most recent collaboration with opening ceremony

*fun fact: trying to be a rebel in high school, she shaved her head and sold it to a broadway wig maker


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