fashionista friday-jacqueline kennedy

after watching the entire kennedy’s series the past 2 weeks, i’m obsessed with learning about them. so i thought it would be fitting for mrs. kennedy to be this week’s fashionista: (*i wanted to do more pictures, but apparently jackie has a lot of viruses attached to her pics)

-born in southampton, ny in 1933

-spent her early years in nyc and southampton and was very into riding horses

-when she made her debut to society back in 1947, they named her “debutant of the year”

-after graduating, she and her sister spent a summer in europe together, in which later she wrote a book titled “one special summer”

-she became a photographer for the washington times-herald…in which her job sounds a lot like the first version of street style blogging/interviewing. she would ask funny questions to random people on the street and take photographs of them with their responses.

-in may 1952, she and then, senator j.f.k were introduced for the first time at a dinner party

-they were engaged a year later and then married september 1953

-it never ceases to amaze me how many tragedies this family actually went through-jackie had a miscarriage and 1 stillborn child and their 3rd son died at only 2 days old –luckily they went on to have 2 healthy children

-after her husband became president, she restored the white house and made it the social spot

-she became known as the most fashionable first lady having oleg cassini design an entire wardrobe for her for her new role

-her first year in office, she spent $145,446 on her wardrobe (and it showed!)

-her favorites besides cassini were chanel, givenchy, and dior

-later in the white house, she embraced a more bohemian look-long skirts, wide leg pants, and head scarves

-the day her husband was shot, and after he passed away, she refused to move that iconic pink suit with all of the blood stains on it-she wore it as vice president johnson took oath into office

-shortly after his passing, she bought a 5th avenue apartment and spent a year out of the limelight in mourning

-after her brother-in-law robert kennedy was assassinated, she began to fear for her children’s lives–she soon after married a wealthy greek shipping tycoon: aristotle onassis.

-after he passed in 1975, she spent 2 years in court in regards to her inheritance…she came away with $26 million

-jackie o was “americas sweetheart” and was as close to a queen as we will ever have–she passed in ’93


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