fashionista fridays-kate spade

to piggyback on my last post, i decided to delve into the life of kate spade.  i will never forget my first kate spade “box” purse-with her little label on it. it still amazes me that’s what started the lifestyle brand that she has today.

there aren’t too many photographs of herself on the inter-webs, so i just picked my favorite things on her website currently.

-went to the university of kansas and tranfered to arizona state to study journalism

-in ’86 kate worked in the accessories department at mademoiselle in nyc–she worked there until ’91 (i used to LOVE that magazine!!)

-when she left the magazine, she was very passionate about the lack of sensible handbags and accessories in the marketplace

-in ’93 she and joel franklin launched kate spade handbags-then went into organizers, wallets, stationary, and china

-the irony of it is, she didn’t marry her husband, andy spade, until ’94–i guess she really put all her eggs in one basket

-her first store opened in soho in ’96 (one of my favorite retail stores-it’s the absolute “happiest” store i’ve ever been in)

-she had her first and only daughter, frances, in 2005

-she currently has 91 stores world-wide, and the one in atlanta is fabulous

*fun fact: she worked in a motorcycle bar in college


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