fashionista fridays-rachel bilson

i love her. i love her. i love her. ever since she stepped onto the OC (which i still miss to this day), i thought she was so wonderful. and now, she has turned into such an icon of the fashion industry. one of karl’s muses’, a columnist for instyle, and just an all-around good dresser, this girl always look s good.

-born in LA in 1981 to a sex therapist mother and a writer/producer/director father–her grandparents were also in the business

-a rebellious teen, she, her brothers, and friends were in a car accident in high school that left her unconscious for days–from the experience, she changed her life and settled down

-appeared on commercials when she first started for subway and raisin-bran

-she made her screen debut on buffy the vampire slayer and 8 simple rules to dating my teenage daughter

-soon there after, she was casted in the OC

-teen choice award for “choice hottie female” in 2005

-one of people’s 100 most beautiful people in 2006

-partnered with dkny to create a line called edie rose–a line under $100

*fun fact-in her movie with zach braff, she had to get a body double for the sex scene because she was so nervous and claimed she could never do one.


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4 responses to “fashionista fridays-rachel bilson

  1. Nick

    Favorite. Fashionista-Friday. Ever. Totes.

  2. Sarah

    I love Rachel Bilson. I’m with Nick, favorite Fashionista Friday ever! Haha.


  3. amanda

    i loooove rachel! and the oc- i still pull the dvds out from time to time. and often reference mischa and seth and the whole gang in convos as if they were still relevant and my actual friends. ha! loser alert! 🙂

  4. katy

    best fashionista friday ever. I am obsessed with her.

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