shoe surprise

hi, my name is kendall, and i am a shoe snob.

yes, the higher-end shoes are better quality, and are an investment…but that’s not even really why i feel that my money is spent better on higher-end shoes: cheaper shoes do not have the “art” aesthetic that i find so appealing in the better shoe brands.

i digress, as i have just been proven wrong in my last statement. as i was going into a post-market party a few weeks ago, i complemented a woman on her amazing espadrilles–“i just got them at nine west”. shocked, i dragged myself into the store a week later and couldn’t believe how many cute shoes they had and fell in love with an additional pair. however, after flipping over the displays, i could not believe how expensive nine west had actually become–almost $100? i don’t think so.

as i was strolling down king street at the end of my work day on monday, i passed another nine west that had giant signs in the window: 50% off—done and done.

i purchased both shoes (sorry nick) for under $100 (and i had to go down a 1/2 size–always a bonus!)

don’t you see a YSL and Prada instead?!

*i apologize about my photgraphy–i brought my camera but no upload tool–so iphone it is.


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One response to “shoe surprise

  1. those are great! definitely don’t look like nine west.

    i’m with you on the pricing… if it’s not a designer brand i’m not paying more than like $75 for it. for example, j.crew and banana republic – why are their shoes so expensive? no thanks.

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