charleston snapshots

after walking around and taking in this city for 3 full days, i have come to a couple of conclusions: 1. how angry i really am that sherman (damn yankees) burned atlanta (i do this sometimes when i’m on the westside of new york too)–it truly is infuriating to know the city i live in and love lost all it’s row houses, quaint cobblestone streets, and amazing old-world architecture that it once had. 2. i could definitely live here if it wasn’t for this humidity.

that aside, i truly appreciate the history, architecture, and amazing houses that is so unique to charleston

and being the entire reason i am here, this town has the best specialty stores owned by people who really know how to buy and think outside the box: worthwhile (if i could take everything home from this store i would), christian michi, rtw, and out of hand are all unlike any store i’ve ever been in, and i highly recommend checking them out.


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