lucky chanel

these shoes are by far the best deal i’ve ever found–even with the downfall of the economy and department stores discounting to no end, i’ve never come close to finding this again.

they are circa 2006, and they were originally $700ish–i bought them for a little under $200. truth be told, i rarely wear them-partly because i don’t ever want to scuff them up and partly because they are not very comfortable. however, when i wear them, all of that fades away–because look how wonderful they are:

*shoes-chanel, top-fab’rik (although i believe it to be ark & co private label), pants-zara, bracelets-ronda smith designs


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4 responses to “lucky chanel

  1. colleen the dream


  2. Chanel for under $200?? That’s crazy!

  3. Sarah

    You’re so cute! Love the outfit… especially the pants!

  4. Love those pants! Hottie!!!

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