unlikely combo

sometimes you can put pieces together that don’t necessarily “match”–you’re proabably like, get real, of course i can, but i’m not talking about mixing prints–i just mean, for no reason at all, separates can look okay together in ways that might surprise you…and what i’m really getting at is it’s a great way to make pieces in your closet look new.

 i was with my friend lauren in h&m a while back and found these two pieces, and when i was holding them together, the shapes, colors, and fabrics just worked.

dress up for no reason and have a date night this week 🙂

*top & skirt-h&m, shoes-elizabeth and james, bag-prada



Filed under great finds, outfits

4 responses to “unlikely combo

  1. so cute! i looove that bag- who makes it?

  2. oh…haha you already told us! 🙂

  3. katy

    you are too adorable….

  4. That top is AMAZING, but don’t even get me started on the Prada bag!

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