what i’m listening to

i just really like their new album cover

welcome to the newest installment on moda nuovo. never will i claim to be a music blogger, but i am a music fanatic. car, work, train, i cannot be anywhere without listening to music, and depending on my mood, it can be anything from 1940’s pop, to 1960’s what would now probably be considered “indie” rock, to the newest gucci mane song–so really the entire spectrum*

so occasionally, i will share my playlists–again, i am by no means saying this is the newest and the best**, if you want that, then head over to nine stone rottweiler–this is just a little something from me to you:

Arcade Fire-The Suburbs
Holy Ghost!-Wait & See
The Strokes-Machu Picchu
Arcade Fire-Rebellion (Lies)
Yuck-Get Away
TV On the Radio-Will Do
The Antlers-I Don't Want Love
The Strokes-Under Cover of Darkness
The Helio Sequence-Can't Say No
Passion Pit-Moth's Wings
Gossip-Heavy Cross
Holy Ghost!-Hold On
The Antlers-Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
Florence + The Machine-Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
Hooray For Earth-No Love
Toro y Moi-New Beat
Hooray For Earth-True Loves
The Cribs-Hey Scenesters!
Toro y Moi-Low Shoulders
Les Savy Fav-Sleepless In Silverlake
Harlem-Friendly Ghost
Dead Man's Bones-Pa Pa Power (feat. the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Children's Choir)

*if you caught me in my rental dodge avenger a week ago in nowheresville south carolina, you could have even seen me listening to clint black because they only had country stations and my siruis xm radio had no signal

**”best” when referring to music is relative to each person’s ears—i think that people who get in serious arguments about music are ignorant (except if someone insults the beatles)


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