happy 1 year anniversary to me!

it was quite the anniversary gift to me and my blog when refinery 29 (only the best resource for current trends and news in the fashion world) contacted me and asked me to partner with them in promoting their new reserve program. i will pick and choose the ones that i truly believe in and pass the information along to you all–it’s a win win!

first of all, go here to sign up for the reserve program–this isn’t just another “deal” website–this is the newest and best in anything noteworthy and fabulous.

secondly, i had to share with you all about joulebody–it’s an amazing, healthy, holistic way to cleanse and jump start your summer diet. i’ve done cleanses before that don’t let you eat for days (apology to everyone in my path during those)–this is not that.

you spend 5 days eating/drinking the food/drink they provide, and it’s proven to recharge and reboot your system–and a bonus if you live in the nyc area–you can take a tour of their kitchens!

what better time to start–you still have at least 3 more months of bathing suit season!


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