no. 246

last night we went with some friends to the opening of the newest venture by restaurateurs ford fry (JCT) and drew belline (floataway cafe) no. 246 in decatur. for opening night, i was beyond impressed–everyone was so welcoming and polite from the hostess to the bartenders. we did have a little mix-up on the entree (see below), but i also think that could have been my fault with a mispronunciation.
i highly recommend checking them out with their unconventional italian menu and clean/rustic decor–no. 246 will not disappoint.
their drink ingredients are so fresh:
and they have all different kinds of “bitters” to go in them:
“pims cup”–best summer drink:
they had these 2 industrial size fans–love:
we were front row:
no, this was not mine–i’m not this daring:
skirt steak was delish and cooked perfectly:
so-i did not order “garganelli”(aka braised rabbit)-however, this is what i was served and failed to notice until someone was like-“i can’t believe you ordered the rabbit”-i replied, “come again?” (and unfortunately, it was really delicious, but i would never eat it knowingly):
 “papperdelle” the dish i actually ordered–it was unbelievable:


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2 responses to “no. 246

  1. I really wish I had gotten a taste of that rabbit before you sent it back.

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