friday night stay-in

you’ll have to excuse me for the lack of posting lately–when i’m really busy, i have very little time to do the things that i enjoy posting: cooking, shopping, catching up on my fashion mags/blogs, etc.
hence, the friday night stay-at-home. honestly, i cannot remember a time that i came home on a friday night, cooked, and did nothing–and it was much-needed. after one of my favorite activities: a trip to whole foods, we stayed in and had a delish meal and a date-night at home. i used giada’s recipe for the steak (i substituted the goat cheese for feta bc that’s what we had, and i loath goat cheese).

happy flowers to brighten the room

going to whole foods and picking up fresh veggies and filets

using antique china just because

picking a gloomy night to stay in

home-cooked meal

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  1. yummy! sounds like the PERFECT night to me!

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