madewell: fall must-haves

driving home for lunch yesterday, i could just feel fall was on the way: the position of the sun in the sky, the lack of humidity that has plagued us all summer, and even though it was 78–the breeze had a crispness to it.

of course fall clothes started creeping into my mind, and no one does everyday fall better than madewell. so here are some of my fav’s, and how i see wearing them:

1.) leopard sandal– with socks and a cute, flared skirt or without socks and skinny cords

2.) sweatshorts– with a chunky sweater and some black booties

3.) long skirt– i like how they have it shown, but i also see it with a cropped, bright-color sweater

4.) belle by sigerson morrison booties– what can you not wear these with?

5.) polka-dot socks– peaking out of some black, patent leather mary-janes

6.) jean shirt– i have worn out my chambray madewell shirt, so this would be the perfect substitute

7.) pullover– i would love this for layering with a denim vest or blazer

8.) scarf– this color is so perfect in the fall for a pop with any outfit


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2 responses to “madewell: fall must-haves

  1. love that long grey skirt! lets go shopping!!

  2. Colleen

    Looooooooove hat scarf! Goingbto get it this weekend!

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