kudzu antique market

this weekend will be one of our last weekends in our loft. we close on our very first home on september 12th, and it has been worth the wait. after looking for well over a year, we could not be more excited about the house itself (inside and out), location, and of course-new decorating!

a friend introduced us to the most amazing antique market that i had driven by before but had never been to. kudzu antique market did not disappoint, and i made a “wish list” of items with my phone for our new place:

this piece i love for over the dining room table

i thought about this for behind our couch

how cool is this for a side table?

this is an old beer garden table for outside entertaining

there is a little inlet in the dining room that i would love to put this in

i have always wanted to stack suitcases for a bedside-table, and the prices here will definitely allow me do it

for a little bar area

the house has a long entryway-this bench would be perfect there

just love this

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