cabo wabo

actually, we just ran into cabo wabo to use there restrooms…but i like the title.

it was the most amazing trip: great friends, great food (no, like really amazing food), and unbelievable surroundings. what i will take away most from mexico as a country is how kind the people there were–from our resort to restaurants to taxi drivers, they went above and beyond what was expected.

and yes. we ate as much as it looks

starting the first day off right with bottomless mimosas

oaxaca eggs

where we parked it for much of the time

i did not meet a nacho in mexico i didn't love

the architecture at the resort was beautiful

very cool cacti

javier is the biggest beatles fan ever (maybe even more than me)

the shrimp taco on the right was the best taco i've ever had

we took a boat to lovers/divorce beach one day-unreal

so many chatzkis everywhere

we took the fish that the boys caught here

the sashimi was amazing

the salsa prepared at the table from scratch at squid roe


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4 responses to “cabo wabo

  1. wow what perfect pics, looks like you had a great time!

  2. Ashley

    i want to go back!!!

  3. Lauren

    Amazing Pics!!!

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