remember here when i decided to give some pieces a face-lift? well i’m at it again.

i wanted to be particularly meticulous with this cabinet, as it has a very sentimental value. my grandfather made it to house their record player, 8-track, and to house all of the music in it, so here are some tips that i have learned:

-get an orbit sander–you can get a cheap one at home depot or lowe’s

-use spray primer-the thinner layers make the paint go on so much more smoothly

-3 very thin coats works much better than 2 thicker coats

start with really good helpers


the cabinet was very dark and glossy


so i just needed to make sure i got removed that entire layer of gloss

remove all of the doors and do all pieces separately

completed! i'm in love with pantone's interior paint--i went with skylight

i finally placed the lamp i bought for such a good price from the mart ($300 retail--got it for $40)

i'm so glad that i went with a light color because i feel like it makes the hallway look so clean

i still haven’t picked out any hardware for it, so any suggestions are welcome–happy friday!


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