dining update

this has been a project in the works since we got married. my dad found this hotel liquidation place, and knowing nothing about dining room chairs, we found some for $25 each in great shape, and all i wanted to do was change the fabric on them. we got them in our first house, and the color actually worked…so we lived with them-for 3 years.

when we moved, i made it my mission to re-do them. i knew the seat would pop off and be easy to re-cover, but i had no idea how hard it would be to do everything else…

this is the chair after the fabric was stripped from the back and cleaned

removing the staples: this was the hardest part, and i have to admit, my dad helped me with 99% of this. they were industrial staples and impossible to remove

we had to fill in the holes from the stapes with wood filler, and then sand it down

i picked a pantone paint-it is a very light grey. if you have chairs like this with a lot of angles, i highly recommend spray paint-big mistake on my part.

i love the way the chairs turned out because of the flaws from the staples and wood filler

it took me a good month to pick a fabric-i finally picked this one which really brightens up the room

finished product

how amazing does it look? i would have never been able to do this without my dad’s help. but i have to say, it was so worth it because after learning much more about dining room chairs, something like this would retail for $220+ each.

including price of chairs, fabric, paint (not including my free labor) these cost $38 each.


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  1. Jenni Goebel

    LOVE those chairs, Kendall! And so glad you left the backs uncovered. The design is awesome. Yay for DIY.

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