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this has not been too shabby of a place to come for work: nice stores to visit, great seafood, and the hotel has been wonderful. hotel indigos have always been nice to stay in, but I’ve never stayed in one for work. i think it takes a work trip to realize how welcoming, homey, and clean a hotel is because you are in it much more than a vacation. my room is so cheery and bright!

entry way

work area complete with massive refrigerator

how great is that wallpaper?


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nola: a new favorite city

except for the debauchery that came with visiting this city in college–i.e. bourbon street/the french quarter–i had never experienced all this city has to offer. after 3 full days and nights of going all over the city, i can truly appreciate why the locals are so in love with this city. amazing food, gorgeous southern homes on tree-lined streets, history every where you turn, and you can get your glass of wine to go…what’s not to like?


no food pictures you ask? well, 2 reasons. 1: even though it was some of the best food i have had, it was not “pretty” cuisine. 2 (the real reason): i was so hungry by the time we ate every meal, i forgot to take them.

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cabo wabo

actually, we just ran into cabo wabo to use there restrooms…but i like the title.

it was the most amazing trip: great friends, great food (no, like really amazing food), and unbelievable surroundings. what i will take away most from mexico as a country is how kind the people there were–from our resort to restaurants to taxi drivers, they went above and beyond what was expected.

and yes. we ate as much as it looks

starting the first day off right with bottomless mimosas

oaxaca eggs

where we parked it for much of the time

i did not meet a nacho in mexico i didn't love

the architecture at the resort was beautiful

very cool cacti

javier is the biggest beatles fan ever (maybe even more than me)

the shrimp taco on the right was the best taco i've ever had

we took a boat to lovers/divorce beach one day-unreal

so many chatzkis everywhere

we took the fish that the boys caught here

the sashimi was amazing

the salsa prepared at the table from scratch at squid roe


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much anticipated vacation

in 24 hours, i will be on my way to, what i hope, is one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever laid eyes on: cabo san lucas, mexico. we have been planning this vacation with some friends for what feels like years now and could not be more excited it’s finally here. with that said, i’m signing off for a week, but in the interim, here are some of the places i hope to park myself for hours on end…


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charleston for play

remember here and here when i traveled to this great city for work? well this time, it was for play. we went with a few friends for the weekend. while eating and drinking our way through the city, i managed to take some photos.

i’ll say it again–if there was any type of industry for me there and the weather wasn’t so stifling, i would move there in a heartbeat.

how cool are these fishing rods from the 1930’s?

blackened shrimp benedict…yes, please!

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charleston snapshots II

even though i also visited hilton head as well, i’m going to continue to post pictures of charleston as hilton head doesn’t even compare–really not my favorite place.

i hope everyone has a great weekend!

happy friday!


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charleston snapshots

after walking around and taking in this city for 3 full days, i have come to a couple of conclusions: 1. how angry i really am that sherman (damn yankees) burned atlanta (i do this sometimes when i’m on the westside of new york too)–it truly is infuriating to know the city i live in and love lost all it’s row houses, quaint cobblestone streets, and amazing old-world architecture that it once had. 2. i could definitely live here if it wasn’t for this humidity.

that aside, i truly appreciate the history, architecture, and amazing houses that is so unique to charleston

and being the entire reason i am here, this town has the best specialty stores owned by people who really know how to buy and think outside the box: worthwhile (if i could take everything home from this store i would), christian michi, rtw, and out of hand are all unlike any store i’ve ever been in, and i highly recommend checking them out.

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